Who is this chick anyway?

Hi, I'm Larissa Holland, and besides being a graphic designer, coffee swiller, and perpetual Employee Of The Month at my house, I'm a follower of Christ, wife, mom, and home school teacher. I'm also very into handcrafts of any kind, including cards and sewing. Basically, if it combines color and creativity, I'm either into it or I will be. Check out my blog. I also love to watch movies and read, read, read. Who doesn't?

I earned my degree in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University and have been working in the computer graphics field since 1991. If you'd like to see the particulars, I'll be glad to send you a resume. Just e-mail me and request a copy.

The bulk of my professional experience is in print design and production, and I have been specializing in web-related graphics and web site design since 2000.

I feel at home in the Southeast US, although I was technically born in Portland, Oregon. Most of my formative and not-so-formative years were spent in Alabama and North Carolina. My family moved around quite a bit, so I've also lived in Maryland and California, with a short stint in the Netherlands.

I am the youngest of five daughters, and therefore am able to talk at a high rate of speed and can coordinate the right shoes with any outfit. I've been in Atlanta since 1993, where I live with my dreamboat husband, our two daughters, and now and again, some unlucky fish.